Killing of Baloch & Sindhi people by Pak Army continues:Military killed 6, abducted 16 in Balochistan and Sindh

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19 years old Amir Jalil, 24 years old Irshad Mujib and 28 years old Walid Wali Muhammad were whisked away by Frontier Corps from their house in Rodbun village of district Kech Balochistan on Monday, at around 03:00 local time. A huge combined family witnessed their abduction. Later, the family came to know that there are three fresh dead bodies near the Neheng river, very close to the village. All three brothers, the fathers of abductees went and found the bodies of their young sons.

On 20 September, two persons of the same family, Said Amir and Amjid Gwahram were abducted by same force and were later found dead in the same river.

17 years old student, Hamraz Ishaq was abducted on 21 September from his house in Zilag village of district Awaran and his dead body was later found dumped. He was shot killed.

Phullan Allah Bakhsh was abducted by the security forces from Gomazi, Tump district Kech on 24 September during a house to house search operation.

On 20 September 2017, Pakistan military abducted and forcibly disappeared six persons in Parom area of district Panjgur Balochistan.

In one house the FC abducted Anil Shahi, his brothers Shoeb Shahi and Akhtar Shahi along with Yousuf Akhtar, the son of Akhtar Shahi, while Balach Abdul Samad and his brother Zafar Abdul Samad were abducted from their house in the same operation.

Rashid Baloch was abducted by military in a same kind of operation in Zilag area of district Awaran and Abdullah Muhammed in Gawak area of Mand district Kech on 20 September 2017.

On 19 September, Walid Said was abducted in Nezarabad area of Tump district Kech.

Security forces abducted Nisar Ibrahim and Khalil Sabir on 16 September and Parwez Mosa, Salam Yaqoob and Ghani Hamza on 17 September from Karachi, the capital city of Sindh.

On 15 September 2017, a shepherd Zabad Din Muhammed was abducted by security forces in Kolwah District Awaran.