Occupying Pakistani forces accelerate attacks in Sui, two killed in Chathar

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Quetta: Pakistani forces continuously intensify their offensives against innocent Baloch in Sui Dera Bugti and several other districts of Balochistan from past many weeks. According to details, the Pakistan forces have conducted fresh military aggressions in Sui, a sub-district of Dera Bugti and surrounding areas including Laghari Wadh, Mazar Deen Otagh, Hapt wali and other regions. The ground forces of Pakistan have set several huts of Baloch nomads on fire and looted hundreds of their livestock. The Pakistani forces also had the backing of gunship helicopters which bombarded the area for all day long. Meanwhile, the dead bodies of two victims abducted person during Chathar military operation have been found. Two days ago, the military had abducted several Baloch men along with women and children whereas later they threw away the dead body of Brohi Bugti and his nephew Thapa Bugti. The rest of the abducted people are still in the custody of Pakistani forces and their whereabouts remain unknown. Separately, Pakistani forces continue their attacks against the innocent Baloch civilian in many districts of Balochistan.