Analysis:Adoption of a State Policy of India to support the Baloch is essential

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On policy matters it would be fatally harmful to genuine Baloch national cause for freedom if India fails to adopt a state policy in the immediate future about the ideology of Balochistan independence; because the Indian reluctance to seriously support Baluchistan freedom movement would justify Pakistan’s claims that the insurgency in Balochistan is a proxy war of India against Pakistan. The growing impression in Baloch political society is that India is not going to adopt a solid-state policy for Balochistan freedom – a policy about which Hyrbyair Marri and other Baloch national leaders have time and again explained in their various statements in the context of the current geopolitics of the region. The Baloch leadership emphasised that there would be no peace in South and Central Asia so long as Balochistan remains under Pakistani colonial rule. It will be difficult win a war against intolerant forces and extremists if the Western world and India continues to ignore the secular Baloch. Therefore, Adoption of a clear-cut State Policy- an acknowledgment of Baluchistan’s status as an independent state – is crucial for all stockholders to bring peace in the region. One of the essential things in the overall scheme of support to Baloch is that all foreign friends of Balochistan, especially the Indian, American and Afghan policy makers must avoid encouraging individualistic approaches in order to lend support to Balochistan liberation movement. The individualistic approaches should be considered as plots to disintegrate and weaken the Baloch national efforts to break free from the yoke of Pakistan’s occupation. Therefore, a collective approach would be well advised for a comprehensive strategy to advance and support the cause of Baloch liberation struggle.